Pond View Heights

Pond View Heights, Mankato, MN

Mankato Area’s Finest Luxury Apartments!

Current Available Units:

Pond View Heights Phase 1:

  • 2 BR 1 Bath, “D” unit, available April 1st,  2018; $1,400 per month, 1057 sqft
  • 2 BR 1 Bath, “D” unit, available May 1st,  2018; $1,400 per month, 1057 sqft

Pond View Heights Phase 2:

  • 2 Br 2 Bath, “E” end unit, available now (flexible start date), 2018; $1575 per month, 1200 sqft
  • 2 Br 2 Bath, “E” end unit, available May 1st, 2018; $1575 per month, 1200 sqft

Click below for a free rental application, description, rents, and unit layouts:

Pond View Heights_Phase 1 details _2018_0331

Pond View Heights Phase II_2017_0317



Phone: 507-345-8882 Call and leave message with callback number and best time to call.

Or, send email inquiry to: Lormarproperties@gmail.com

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